The Grimholt Legacies

Session 2
On the Road to Ustalav

The party, having set off from their temporary home in Varisia, travels with a merchant caravan through the Varisian wilderness.

A few days after setting off, they encounter an ambush in the woods, a tree downed over the road with bandits waiting in the woods. Ryu’Ahn and Tanja scout the woods while Ulric goes forward to parlay with the highwaymen. Silver Fox and Lute stay back a bit to give support if necessary. Negotiations with the bandit leader go poorly, and combat breaks out. The leader is struck down quickly, however, and a few of them dispatched, the rest flee.

A week and a half later, the caravan reaches the mountain pass that marks the border of Varisia and Nirmathas, and note that there are Wyverns darting among the peaks. Rather than risk the pass during light, they decide to try and sneak by cover of darkness. While resting during the day, the party is approached by a boy, of around 11 years of age. He asks their help avenging his mother and retrieving some stolen property from the mercenaries that killed her. The party is a bit leery of the child, due to his calm demeanor and high level of maturity, but agree. The child avoids any contact with Ryu’Ahn, and is curt whenever addressed by him. The party travels through the pass at night, and finds the mercenaries in an inn on the other side of the pass. After some speaking to them, it becomes apparent that the child is none other than the son of a green dragon the mercenaries had killed a few days before. Despite this, an agreement is met, and the mercenaries part with the dragon’s Hoard Piece. The mercenaries are traveling to the same city as the party, and agree to head with them for extra protection.

Halfway through the country, the party is approached by an army of Nirmathian cavalry, and asked what they are doing there. Ulric trades some knightly banter, and learns that the cavalry is going to assist in an offensive against the Horde of Belzken by Lastwall.

A month after setting out on their journey, the party arrives in Tamran, capital of Nirmathas, and after some food, debauchery and planning, catch a ride on a steamship across Lake Encarthan to Ustalav.

Session 1
Character Creation, Main Quest Accepted!

The Party which is comprised of two different groups of previous associates;

the knight Ulrich Von Englehide and the winter witch Silver Fox
dragonborn inquisitor Ryu’Ahn, the rogue Tanja, and the gnome summoner Lute

has been enjoying reputations as heroes after having saved a small village in the nation of Varisia. While doing so, they received an invitation to a joust in the country of Ustalav, do to their reputations. The rewards of which are minor nobility and a chance to rule a province. The party does some research on the area and the ruler, and with the help of the mayor, start on their journey with a merchant caravan.


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