Sassandra Livegrace

Countess of Sinaria


Thin and beautiful and young, Countess Livegrace always has a crown of elaborate crimson hair, usually bejeweled by a ribbon or two. Even though she is in her early thirties, she easily looks ten years younger, her delicate youthful features yet unblemished by age. She almost always appears in fantastic gowns, usually in color schemes that compliment her eyes and hair.

She has shown exceptional skill at singing, and playing both the piano and the violin.


Countess Livegrace is an artist stuck in a bureaucratic position. Although beloved by her people, she is swamped by constant requests and pleas, not to mention resistance from her own lords and knights and finds the position, plus caring for her ailing father Birmienon considerably taxing. And then there is the constant threat of war from Barstoi.

She hired the party and elevated them to the position of knights and dames after Ulric won the joust at Barstoi. Since then she has enjoyed their success at the missions she has given them, but cringed at the amount of political backlash it has caused her.

She has hinted at desires to become Queen.

Sassandra Livegrace

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